[ubuntu] reset password using live CD/USB

This is step by step about how to reset Ubuntu password to a blank one. Please use this wisely.
  1. Boot from Ubuntu live CD/USB
  2. Go to terminal, type : gksu nautilus
  3. Navigate to root partition of installed Ubuntu on hard drive
  4. This will be the most important part
    • Open file /etc/shadow with text editor
    • Search row started with user name that wanna reset. Change weird phrase between first and second colon with 'U6aMy0wojraho'. For example I wanna reset ifnotnull password, so I change this row :
      to :
  5. If it done well, it will change password to a BLANK one or no password there.
  6. Now reboot into installed Ubuntu and login with a BLANK password
*Credit : psychocats.net, ubuntuforums.org, ubuntubuzz.com